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About owner

“Arxstudiya XM” is the creative team, which holds a respectable place in the architectural and construction development of our republic. Since its inception, the company founded by architect Khalil Jafarov, puts their signature to a number of challenging projects. Performance and reputation of the company “Arxstudiya XM” has always been involved with the professional occupation of its founder.

Education and teaching activities
Khalil Jafarov got his architectural education at the architectural department in the years of 1984-1991, called at that time as Azerbaijan Institute of Civil Engineering. In 1991, at the winners of the All-Union Competition, held in Samarkand, his graduate thesis was awarded a diploma of the first degree of the Union of Architects of the USSR. First experience gained in design and research work in the development of the thesis topics, entitled “Reconstruction of the historical center of Samarkand” determined the future of his creative activity. In 1992, Khalil Jafarov started working at the department “Architectural Design and Urban Planning” in the institute, by which he graduated. During this period, along with teaching activity he engaged in individual architectural practice at the same time. In 1997-2001 years Khalil Jafarov became a deputy dean, and in 2006, he was elected dean of the faculty of Architecture. Thereafter, while working for other companies, he continued teaching in the University. He is now an Associate Professor of “Architectural Design and Urban Planning University”. Currently, he carries out lectures and seminars on multi-stage system of education to bachelors and masters, and is coauthor of teaching and guiding works on these disciplines.At the same time he leads thesis researches of dissertations of masters and graduates. Architect Khalil Jafarov can’t imagine his professional activity without educational and teaching work. He can often be seen amongst architecture students. It is not by chance that in the team, where he is a leader, among the employees there are many young architects, whom he taught. Khalil Jafarov is a member of the Union of Architects of Azerbaijan since 1996, and is actively participating in the events of this organization.

Scientific activities
Architect Khalil Jafarov’s academic career starts with ever since studentship. The beginning of his serious exploratory activity became his graduate work on the subject of Reconstruction of the historical center of Samarkand”, which he prepared in his final year of bachelor’s studies.
Presented with great success graduation project became the basis for the future alignment of his professional practice with scientific activity. While working at the University Khalil Jafarov continued his scientific practice and earned a degree in doctoral studies. In 2003, successfully defended his thesis on “Peculiarities of towns in settlement system of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic”, he was awarded the academic title –Doctor of Philosophy in Architecture. Khalil Jafarov is currently engaged in designing combining his research activities. He participates in various scientific measures, conferences, appears in publications and acts with relevant articles.

Architecture activities
Since the beginning of the 90s, a new stage of development started in the architectural life of our country. In the period when Azerbaijan Republic was a part of the Soviet Union, fficially the architectural activities were allowed to engage only in public institutions. Emerged new economic situation in the years of independence has opened great opportunities for private architectural work. In those years project and design cooperatives were created. Working at that time at the institute, Khalil Jafarov, simultaneously continued the practice of design in the design-engineering department, functioning under the Institute. Later on he was involved in designing in different project cooperatives. In 2001, when the large-scale development in the construction sector started, he created his first company called “Memarlıq ve İnsaat” LTD. Since that time, under his leadership, staff members have developed and implemented a number of different projects. Among them, we could highlight such projects as the office building Group of Companies “MAN”, recreation center for the Ministry of Defence in the village Goradil and various residential, office buildings.

Years in the “Azerbaijan State Project”
The professionalism and organizational competencies of the architect Khalil Jafarov, were not lost on. In 2007 he was appointed to Director of Head State Design Institute “Azerbaijan State Project”, which had a 85-year history. At that date the institute and its material and technical resources, financial capacities were not in the good conditions. His determination, insistence on high standards and hard work approved themselves in this post here too. During his leadership, the company was completely renovated and its material and technical resources were updated. Capacity of the workforce was restored and the financial income of the company and employees increased. In those years, under the leadership of Khalil Jafarov, the Institute staff affixed its signature to a number of ambitious projects. It should be highlighted that he not only as a director, but also as an architect directly participated in the development of projects. Such examples may include following projects:

- 20-storey multifunctional residential complex “Park Academy” in the street Shafayat Mehdiyev, Baku city;
- Recreation center of leisure and sport of Taekwondo Sports Federation;
- The five-star hotel complex in the city Goygol;
- Reconstruction of the historic downtown in the city Goygol;
- The five-star hotel complex in the Lankaran city;
- Residential complex “Renaissance” in Z.Khalilov str., Baku city;
- Master plans of city development of the cities Ganja and Sumgayit.

In those years, his activities and achievements were noticed and appreciated. In 2013, Khalil Jafarov was awarded a medal “Taraqqi” by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

About company

The company “Arxstudiya XM”, founded in 2014 by architect Khalil Jafarov, continues the creative traditions of pre-existing company “Memarlıq və İnşaat “ LTD. The team, consisting of experienced professionals rapidly and effectively completes the performance targets. The team of “Arxstudiya XM” is able to do design of different buildings, cities and other main population centers, as well as landscape design and interior design.While working under the direction of Khalil Jafarov a number of interesting works were designed. Of such works it may be noted:

– “High-Tech Park” on the island of “Pirallahi”;
– Residential complex “Club-house” in Tbilisi Avenue, Baku city;
– Reserve Center of the Central Bank in the city Sumgayit;
– Aquatic complex in Bilgah wellness center of “Baku Underground Railway Systems”;
– The residential complex with shopping and entertainment center “7 Hills” in Nizami district of Baku city;
– 25-storey residential building in the Kiev city;
– Recreation center in the territory of Shamakhi region.
The team “Arxstudiya XM” is also cooperates with other design companies and architects. Projects created by a joint collaboration, are a great success.